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Bernards Poems, Poetry - Bernard Vavasour

Castles of the Mind, Poetry - Pip Smith

Rainbow Dreams, Poetry - Pip Smith

Reflect - Collected Columns, Poetry - John North

Tales in Verse - For Kiwi Kids, Poetry - Eileen Jones

Bits and Pieces, Poetry - Bryce Hadfield

Tour de South, Poetry - Lynley van Alphen

My Country Holiday Long Ago, Poetry - Suzanne and Barabara Hanna

Saying Farewell, Poetry - Robert and Barbara Allan

The Old Hands Understand, Poetry - Rod Donald

Laughter and Lyrics, Poetry - Duncan S. Cromar

Sam, The Hat, and The Dragon, Poetry - Written - Daniel Marshall. Illustrated - Janet Marshall

Thoughts, Poetry - Bernard Vavasour

Budapest Girl, Poetry - Panni Palásti

Exits and Entrances, Poetry - Barry Southam

To Be A Star, Poetry - Franki Wood

A Tongue Is Not For Lashing – Nyelvunk Nem Ostor, Poetry - Panni Palásti

The Lighthouse Collection, Poetry - Jude Zwanikken

Limericks and Poems from the Heart, Poetry - Duncan S. Cromar

Badly Wolf, Poetry - Lindsay Pope

Impressions, Picton Poets an Anthology, Poetry - Edited by Julie Kennedy

Water Protectors, Poetry - Kevin Moran

Words She Cannot See, Poetry - Heiner's Group

Drippings from a Teapot, Poetry - Miles Spence

More Poems From The Heart, Poetry - Duncan S. Cromar

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