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Gardening with Worms, Good Reads - John Stemmer

I Nicked Brezhnev's Brick, Good Reads - Rob Shannon

Tooned In, Good Reads - Mike Moreu

Nine Lives Plus Three, Good Reads - Ted and Chris Calder

In the Real World, Good Reads - Nonen Titi

The Edge of Darkness (Bryce Hadfield), Good Reads - Bryce Hadfield

A Wind From the North, Good Reads - Bryce Hadfield

Jane, Good Reads - Anne Inwood

Warm Milk and Apples, Good Reads - Evered H Goodall

Why Walk When You Can Ride?, Good Reads - Tania Krupitza

The Glideway, Good Reads - Patricia Reesby

There's Gold in Rocky, Good Reads - Jack Boyer

My Escape From Crete, Good Reads - Jim McDevitt

Memoirs of Crystal Brook, Good Reads - Grace Woodford

ANZACS At The Frontiers 1941-45, Northern Italy. Volume 1 & 2, Good Reads - Ken Fenton

No Better Life - The Experiences of a Police Officer in Central Africa John Gornall, Good Reads - John Gornall

Bushwoman, Good Reads - Sigrid Crump

Jonathon Derry's 1st Pocket Book of Puns, Good Reads - Jonathan Derry

Not a Leg to Stand On, Good Reads - Amy Hindley

The Cliff in the Fog, Good Reads - Hilary Blundell

The Hotel That Sam Built, Good Reads - John Hewstone

Bushido's Bastards, Good Reads - Rob Shannon

Six Feet DOWN UNDER (Chris Mann), Good Reads - Chris Mann

Baking Gluten Free, Good Reads - Kyleigh Knight

English Down Under and Up Over, Good Reads - Firooz Eftekhar Zadeh

The Demos Deception (Carl Anson), Good Reads - Carl Anson

Football in New Zealand: A Player's Perspective, Good Reads - Marko Nuich

Last Days in Atlantis: The City of the Golden Gates(Stephanie H. Hammond), Good Reads - Stephanie H. Hammond

tapihana: Brothers in Arms, Good Reads - Russell Caldwell

Faster Stronger Higher (Wilf Haskell), Good Reads - Wilf Haskell

Inventing For the Rest of Us - A New Zealand Guide (Chris Fraser), Good Reads - Chris Fraser

Awhina's People (Suzanne Clark), Good Reads - Suzanne Clark

Barefoot over the Serengeti (David Read), Good Reads - David Read

Waters of the Sanjan (David Read), Good Reads - David Read

More Six Feet DOWN UNDER ( Chris Mann), Good Reads - Chris Mann

Hot Sun and Scorpions (Matt Watson), Good Reads - Matt Watson

The Water Race (D. Bradley), Good Reads - D. Bradley

The Boating Disease (Bill Mansbridge), Good Reads - Bill Mansbridge

Diamonds in the Sun (Ed Dolejs), Good Reads - Ed Dolejs

Enkidu (Jenefer Haig), Good Reads - Jenefer Haig

Coastin Along (Frank Graham), Good Reads - Frank Graham

Namasi, the Shoe Maker (David Read), Good Reads - David Read

Blind Courage (Brian Peel), Good Reads - Brian Peel

Mrs Lacy (Suzanne Clark), Good Reads - Suzanne Clark

The Happiness Inquisition, Good Reads - Nōnen Títi

Lohland, Good Reads - Nōnen Títi

Four Rivers (Merelyne Boniface), Good Reads - Merelyne Boniface

Payback, Good Reads - Fez McLeod & David Harris

What Happened to Haystacks & Horses?, Good Reads - Garrick Batten

Catch and Cook, Good Reads - Aaron Carotta

The Thirsty Rooster, Good Reads - Colin Crump

The Vegeterian Tiger, Good Reads - Written by Kerry Clark. Illustrated by Tracey Henderson.

Pedro Stop! New Release, Good Reads - Written by Kerry Clark Illustrated by Tracey Henderson

The Piano Movers CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE MONTH AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY, Good Reads - Kerry Clark. Illustrated by Tracey Henderson.

Jimothy, Good Reads - Yvonne Milroy ,and Illustrated by Kevin Helas

Ovkors Saves Christmas - revised edition., Good Reads - Nick Draper

The Moonlight Legacy, Good Reads - Arch Barclay

Finding My Field of Dreams, Good Reads - Peter Grigg

Velvet Lies, Muted Cries, Good Reads - Melanie Wadham

What A Life, Good Reads - Rex Thompson

Flying High, Good Reads - Rex Thompson

The Lost Property Department, Good Reads - Maureen Myers

Where The Rainbow Fell Down a New Zealand Memoir, Good Reads - Lynette Robinson

End to End New Zealand, Good Reads - Paul Garland

Fast and Light, Good Reads - Paul Garland

Attack at Shark Bay, Good Reads - Denis W. Shuker

Manhood, Good Reads - Gregory French

Jason's Dunny, Good Reads - Colin Crump

The Honey Bird, Good Reads - David Read

The Children of Gaia, Good Reads - Jacquelyn E Lane

A Lifetime of Living, Good Reads - Harold Brough

Trapped on Devil's Peak, Good Reads - Denis Shuker

The Raven, Good Reads - Peter Stewart

Ivan I. Dear - A Wire Wizard, Good Reads - Peta Poletti

R.I.P. Cyberbullying - A Guide for Parents, Good Reads - Ann Neville

The Adventures of Honeysuckle, Good Reads - Avner Nahmias

The Mapua Village Cookbook, Good Reads - Mapua School PTA

Ripple and the wild horses of White Cloud Station, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Summer with horses, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Wild horse country, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Riding High at White Cloud Station, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Horse magic, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Autumn with horses, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Winter with horses, Good Reads - Trudy Nicholson

Canvas and Gold, 150th Anniversary Edition, Good Reads - Norman H Brayshaw

The Caballero, Good Reads - Peter Stewart

HOPE ARISES, Good Reads - Ian R. Tyler

PASSION PINOT & SAVVY, Good Reads - Kirsten Rødsgaard-Mathiesen

Creative Coffee for Dads, Good Reads - Fred Robertson

Ponies of Pencarreg, Good Reads - Cathleen Welsh

My World The Stage: Eighty-Five Years of Entertaining, Good Reads - Franki Wood

The Daily Journal of an Antarctic Explorer 1956–1958, Good Reads - Guyon Warren Edited by Karen Warren

The Green Feather, Good Reads - Jack Roberts

His Father's Will, Good Reads - Suzanne Clark

An Unexpected Hero, Good Reads - Linda Hansen

To the Ends of The Earth (Maxwell C. Hill) Second Edition, Good Reads - Maxwell C. Hill

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part One: DJar, Good Reads - Nōnen Títi

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Two: SJilai, Good Reads - Nōnen Títi

Soup & Bread, Good Reads - Nōnen Títi

The Raspberry Jam Gang, Good Reads - Peter Stewart

Flying Free, Good Reads - Adrienne M Frater

Be Careful What You Eat! LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Good Reads - Margaret Scaife

Fish and Chips The Goldfish, Good Reads - Margaret Scaife

Fish and Chips The Goldfish LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Good Reads - Margaret Scaife

Property 101, Good Reads - Matthew Gilligan

Children of Dove Farm, Good Reads - Cath Welsh

Under His Wings, Good Reads - Murray Clarkson

Helicopters and Venison: Stories of risk and adventure from pioneers in the New Zealand venison industry, Good Reads - Brian Conroy & Friends

Wiremu and the Cat Gang, Good Reads - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Frankie and the Flypaper, Good Reads - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Rabbit's Big Idea, Good Reads - Elise De Silva

Claire and the Weka, Good Reads - Robbie James

C.O.C.E.T, Good Reads - Ian R. Tyler

Sal Gets Stuck, Good Reads - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Sheldon's Fishing Fiasco, Good Reads - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Left of the Pah, Good Reads - Sharron Waller

Manu's Mishap, Good Reads - ARRC Wildlife Trust

You're OK Kingi, Good Reads - ARRC Wildlife Trust

The Fable of a Stable Climate, Good Reads - Gerrit J. van der Lingen

California House, Good Reads - Carol Glen

Gold x 2: The Duncan Laing Story, Good Reads - Stefan Laing

The Falcon, Good Reads - Peter Stewart

You're a Dick Mummy, Good Reads - Ann Kid

In Endless Fear - a true story, Good Reads - Colin Crump

Desire and Detriment, Good Reads - Graham Boxall

Paddy the Wanderer and Champagne Charlie, Good Reads - Frankie Wood and Alex Funke

Keep Your Head Up, My Girl, Good Reads - Suzanne Clark

Dry Ice, Good Reads - Peter Joyce

Lola Night, Good Reads - Mariana Collette

A Cabbage in a Spiderweb, Good Reads - Jonathon Harrison

Fair Means or Foul, Good Reads - Trevor Payne

The Springs, Good Reads - Charlotte Squire

Letting Go, Good Reads - E. M. Richmond

Phoenix, Good Reads - E. M. Richmond

Second Time Around, Good Reads - E. M. Richmond

Jack Brathwaite: soldier 1914-1918, Good Reads - David Brathwaite

Adventures in Pencarreg, Good Reads - Cath Welsh

An Extra Twist in the Tail, Good Reads - Mitch Irvine

USA 2 NZ: BUY IT, DRIVE IT, SHIP IT, Good Reads - Fred Alvrez

Escape from Deadman's Gully, Good Reads - Denis Shuker

Rescue on Mount Hopeless, Good Reads - Denis Shuker

Five Sons and a Hundred Muri of Rice, Good Reads - Sharyn Steel and Zoe Dryden

The Chestnut Mare, Good Reads - Marion Day

Fish and Chips and Other Stories, Good Reads - Peter Stewart

Angus Mc Paw's MONSTROUS Adventure, Good Reads - Deborah Brookes

An Extra Twist in the Tail, Good Reads - Mitch Irvine

The Bolthole - A Novel of New Zealand, Good Reads - Lawrence Winkler

Best of VJMP 2017, Good Reads - Contributed volume

Stories of the Southern Sea, Good Reads - Lawrence Winkler

Two Voyages, One Encounter, Good Reads - David Horry

Innocence, Good Reads - Ludovic C. M. Romany

The Lighthouse Collection, Good Reads - Jude Zwanikken

Little Dragon Learns How to Breathe Fire, Good Reads - Chia Rubio

Managing Your Mind, Good Reads - Tony Robinson

Blame It On Abba, Good Reads - Lisa Nimmo

Cheerio for the Present, Good Reads - Jim Edwards, edited by Cecilia Edwards

Down at the Rocky Shore, Good Reads - Ron Prestage

A Catastrophe of Gigantic Proportions, Good Reads - Shirley Corlett

Jon Zealando a Magical Legend, Good Reads - Bernard Reid

An Extinguished Career, Good Reads - Dennis Spence

Sam & the Reading Dog, Good Reads - Richard Ward

Euphemia A Fairy's Tale, Good Reads - Deborah Brookes

Bad Oil and the Animals, Good Reads - Linda Hansen

The Fire Keeper's Girls, Good Reads - Linda Hansen

The Complete Book of Home Brewing and Winemaking for New Zealanders., Good Reads - Chris Reading

PREORDER Children of the Furnace Book Two: Crosstrees, Good Reads - Brin Murray

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