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Fern of Maru Bay, Fiction - Lindy Kelly

Aquiliton and the Lost Princess, Fiction - Maureen Myers

Aquiliton, Fiction - Maureen Myers

Tooned In, Fiction - Mike Moreu

In the Real World, Fiction - Nonen Titi

The Edge of Darkness (Bryce Hadfield), Fiction - Bryce Hadfield

A Wind From the North, Fiction - Bryce Hadfield

Sex Lies and Here Be Dragons, Fiction - Yvonne Eve Walus

Bits and Pieces, Fiction - Bryce Hadfield

The Glideway, Fiction - Patricia Reesby

Bushido's Bastards, Fiction - Rob Shannon

Second Innings, Fiction - Reg Tomkins

The Demos Deception (Carl Anson), Fiction - Carl Anson

Last Days in Atlantis: The City of the Golden Gates(Stephanie H. Hammond), Fiction - Stephanie H. Hammond

SpacEscape, Fiction - Larry Nelson

Awhina's People (Suzanne Clark), Fiction - Suzanne Clark

Barefoot over the Serengeti (David Read), Fiction - David Read

Waters of the Sanjan (David Read), Fiction - David Read

The Water Race (D. Bradley), Fiction - D. Bradley

Enkidu (Jenefer Haig), Fiction - Jenefer Haig

Samurai Warrior (Fez McLeod), Fiction - Fez McLeod

Mrs Lacy (Suzanne Clark), Fiction - Suzanne Clark

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Three: Kun DJar, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Four: Treyak, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Five: Kelot, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

The Happiness Inquisition, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

Lohland, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

Four Rivers (Merelyne Boniface), Fiction - Merelyne Boniface

Payback, Fiction - Fez McLeod & David Harris

The Thirsty Rooster, Fiction - Colin Crump

Twilight Love, Fiction - Franki A. Wood

The Trapper, Fiction - Stephen R. Coote

Fitting the Profile, Fiction - Diane Foley

Tour de South, Fiction - Lynley van Alphen

The Lost Property Department, Fiction - Maureen Myers

Land, Love, Tears and Laughter, Fiction - Franki Wood

Attack at Shark Bay, Fiction - Denis W. Shuker

Batjack, Fiction - Ann Neville

Manhood, Fiction - Gregory French

Jason's Dunny, Fiction - Colin Crump

The Methuselah File, Fiction - Alex Swan

The Children of Gaia, Fiction - Jacquelyn E Lane

Beneath the Perfect World, Fiction - Hannah Graham

Silvana: The Greening, Fiction - Belinda Mellor

DeerKeeper, Fiction - Geoffrey Waring

Trapped on Devil's Peak, Fiction - Denis Shuker

The Raven, Fiction - Peter Stewart

Searching for Allie, Fiction - Franki Wood

Random Writings, Fiction - Franki Wood

Stella The Magical Pony, Fiction - Alice Rozga

Rankins Creek, Fiction - Robert N. Packer

The Stove and The Stage, Fiction - Des O'Regan

Ivan I. Dear - A Wire Wizard, Fiction - Peta Poletti

Izzie's Surprise, Fiction - Ann Neville

ARK, Fiction - Avner Nahmias

The Adventures of Honeysuckle, Fiction - Avner Nahmias

Love A Little John: Abysmal Brute, Fiction - Andy Underwood

Blue Sheep Red Lily, Fiction - Terrie Bird

Ripple and the wild horses of White Cloud Station, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Summer with horses, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Wild horse country, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Riding High at White Cloud Station, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Horse magic, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Autumn with horses, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Winter with horses, Fiction - Trudy Nicholson

Horse Lore, Fiction - Heidi Cooke and Trudy Nicholson

The Caballero, Fiction - Peter Stewart

'Avaiki Tautau, Fiction - Keith Tonkin

HOPE ARISES, Fiction - Ian R. Tyler

Villains, Visitors and Victory - Book One in the Bush Capers series, Fiction - Tony Seatter

Creative Coffee for Dads, Fiction - Fred Robertson

Ponies of Pencarreg, Fiction - Cathleen Welsh

The Intangible Web, Fiction - Franki Wood

Attachment, Fiction - Terry Swanson

Final Retribution, Fiction - Nettie Cox

Brave Little Jack, Fiction - Fez McLeod

Vimy Ridge, Percy's Escape, Fiction - Fez Mcleod

Sassy Episode 2 The Amazing Fire-Fighting Rescue Dog, Fiction - Fez McLeod

The Taste of Revenge, Fiction - Nettie Cox

The Green Feather, Fiction - Jack Roberts

His Father's Will, Fiction - Suzanne Clark

An Unexpected Hero, Fiction - Linda Hansen

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part One: DJar, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Two: SJilai, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

Soup & Bread, Fiction - Nōnen Títi

The Raspberry Jam Gang, Fiction - Peter Stewart

The Water Treatment, Fiction - Steven Radich

Tall Tales and True - From Kohatu and Beyond, Fiction - John Ellis

Be Careful What You Eat!, Fiction - Margaret Scaife

Flying Free, Fiction - Adrienne M Frater

Be Careful What You Eat! LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Fiction - Margaret Scaife

Fish and Chips The Goldfish, Fiction - Margaret Scaife

Fish and Chips The Goldfish LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Fiction - Margaret Scaife

Little Bear Tries, Fiction - Nathan Miller

Silvana: The Turning, Fiction - Belinda Mellor

Children of Dove Farm, Fiction - Cath Welsh

A Matter of Choice, Fiction - Franki Wood

The Hollywood School of Dressmaking, Fiction - Lynley Dear

The Man from Cestor 5 and other stories, Fiction - Graeme Miller Walker

The West Coast Whitebait Children - Books One and Two, Fiction - Duncan Dolby

The West Coast Whitebait Children - Book One, Fiction - Duncan Dolby

The West Coast Whitebait Children - Book Two, Fiction - Duncan Dolby

Gone, Brother, Gone, Fiction - June Bowen

The Hungry Little Praying Mantiss, Fiction - Carol Marshall

Claire and the Weka, Fiction - Robbie James

C.O.C.E.T, Fiction - Ian R. Tyler

Exits and Entrances, Fiction - Barry Southam

Old Rooster and Little Rooster, Fiction - Jan Trafford

Rusty The Dusky Dolphin, Fiction - Rosa Friend

Who's in Billy's Garden 2, Fiction - Jacqui Currin-McDowell

The Falcon, Fiction - Peter Stewart

Raw Country, Fiction - Franki Wood

Turbulent Waters, Fiction - Franki Wood

A Man of the Golden Rivers, Fiction - Franki Wood

Inspired by the Epistles, Fiction - Elise De Silva

Desire and Detriment, Fiction - Graham Boxall

Paddy the Wanderer and Champagne Charlie, Fiction - Frankie Wood and Alex Funke

Pukeko, Fiction - Marie Langley

Hemi and the Poisoned Possum, Fiction - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Daphne's Dreadful Day, Fiction - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Web of Gold, Fiction - Dot Scott

D. Time, Fiction - Kaye Moore

Keep Your Head Up, My Girl, Fiction - Suzanne Clark

Lola Night, Fiction - Mariana Collette

A Cabbage in a Spiderweb, Fiction - Jonathon Harrison

The Floating Basin, Fiction - Carolyn Hawes

The Springs, Fiction - Charlotte Squire

Letting Go, Fiction - E. M. Richmond

Phoenix, Fiction - E. M. Richmond

Second Time Around, Fiction - E. M. Richmond

Here Comes the Wonderkid of Cricket!, Fiction - Haven Macleod-East

Reel the Line Gently, Fiction - Colin Crump

The Will To Succeed, Fiction - Ernie MacManus

The Drain Layer's Mystery, Fiction - Ernie MacManus

Death Before His Time, Fiction - Ernie MacManus

Adventures in Pencarreg, Fiction - Cath Welsh

Short Head and Yard, Fiction - Garrick Batten

Farmer Bill, Fiction - Garrick Batten

Shadows of the Past, Fiction - Ernie MacManus

Escape from Deadman's Gully, Fiction - Denis Shuker

Rescue on Mount Hopeless, Fiction - Denis Shuker

Life of the Tigs, Fiction - Christina Reid

Pukeko The Performer, Fiction - Marie Langley

A Stitch In Time, Fiction - Lynley Dear

The Chestnut Mare, Fiction - Marion Day

Fish and Chips and Other Stories, Fiction - Peter Stewart

Angus Mc Paw's MONSTROUS Adventure, Fiction - Deborah Brookes

BAD GUYS Don't Always Lose, Fiction - Michelle Thompson

The Discovery, Fiction - Gordon Hill

Pukeko The Explorer, Fiction - Marie Langley

The Bolthole - A Novel of New Zealand, Fiction - Lawrence Winkler

The Girl and the Mirror, Fiction - Les Stewart

Best of VJMP 2017, Fiction - Contributed volume

Stories of the Southern Sea, Fiction - Lawrence Winkler

Critical Point, Fiction - Geoffrey Waring

Welcome Home, Fiction - D. Power

Children of the Furnace, Fiction - Brin Murray

Jumping Jazzi, Fiction - Nadine Steele

Blue Cloud, Fiction - Marion Day

Little Dragon Learns How to Breathe Fire, Fiction - Chia Rubio

Remember The Brave, World War I, Fiction - Forrest Chambers and Lena Chambers

Malakim: Battle of the Outback, Fiction - Gregory French

At.One.Ment: The Journey, Fiction - Rhayasea Wynd

Unexpected, Fiction - Tony Seatter

Marianne Castle, Fiction - Marianne Castle

I'm OK, Fiction - Noel Shepherd

Moth, Fiction - Holly Dunn

A Catastrophe of Gigantic Proportions, Fiction - Shirley Corlett

Sam & the Reading Dog, Fiction - Richard Ward

Euphemia A Fairy's Tale, Fiction - Deborah Brookes

Impressions, Picton Poets an Anthology, Fiction - Edited by Julie Kennedy

Wild Garlic, Fiction - Peter Thomas

Past/Present, Fiction - STEM Writers Nelson

Words She Cannot See, Fiction - Heiner's Group

When Gina Pressed ENTER, Fiction - Elise De Silva

Bad Oil and the Animals, Fiction - Linda Hansen

The Fire Keeper's Girls, Fiction - Linda Hansen

Drippings from a Teapot, Fiction - Miles Spence

Spirit Stealer, Fiction - Sue Perkins

Fury's Island, Fiction - Sue Perkins

Fury's Ghost, Fiction - Sue Perkins

The Rascally Hedgehog, Fiction - Katherine Ballantyne

PREORDER Children of the Furnace Book Two: Crosstrees, Fiction - Brin Murray

The Bird Talker Te Pūkōrero Manu, Fiction - Jack Roberts

Storm Clouds Over Levuka, Fiction - Margaret Gilbert

Make A U-Turn When Possible, Fiction - Trevor Prout

Ferox: Red in Tooth and Claw, Fiction - Chris Brausch

Family of Strangers, Fiction - Haylee Darling

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