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To the Back and Beyond - A Karamea Story, History - Jim Hargreaves

Recollections of Hometown Greymouth and his other tales, History - J B Bertram

From A Small Seed, History - Ted Calder

I Nicked Brezhnev's Brick, History - Rob Shannon

Square Rigged Sailing Ships, History - P.D Raggett

The Exiles of Asbestos Cottage, History - Jim Henderson

The Sea is My Wife, History - Gordon Berry

Farewell Spit - A Changing Landscape, History - Chris Petyt

FAENZA 1944 - Those Days of Fire and Death, History - Stefano Casanova, Faenza

The Battle of Faenza, History - Arthur Gladstone

Price of Vigilance, History - Kerry Neal and Nola Leov

Collingwood The Old Cemetery and Early History, History - Chris Petyt

Twilight of the Raj, History - Brian Walker

A Coaster In Nelson, History - Jim Hargreaves

A Wind From the North, History - Bryce Hadfield

A Journey Back an informal history of the Matakitaki River, History - Cecil Wills

Reminiscence & Ramblings of an Octogenarian, History - Bernard MacManus

Bits and Pieces, History - Bryce Hadfield

A Lifetime of Living, History - Harold Brough

Hard Times on the Chain Hills, History - The MacManus Family

There's Gold in Rocky, History - Jack Boyer

My Escape From Crete, History - Jim McDevitt

Moments, History - Eric Gallagher

ANZACS At The Frontiers 1941-45, Northern Italy. Volume 1 & 2, History - Ken Fenton

No Better Life - The Experiences of a Police Officer in Central Africa John Gornall, History - John Gornall

Bushido's Bastards, History - Rob Shannon

The Coming Year; A look back at Thames, History - Meghan Hawkes

Mostly Black & White, History - Liliane Parkinson

The Way It Was, Stories from New Zealand, History - Colin Townsend

Last Days in Atlantis: The City of the Golden Gates(Stephanie H. Hammond), History - Stephanie H. Hammond

tapihana: Brothers in Arms, History - Russell Caldwell

Faster Stronger Higher (Wilf Haskell), History - Wilf Haskell

Diamonds in the Sun (Ed Dolejs), History - Ed Dolejs

Coastin Along (Frank Graham), History - Frank Graham

Loito and the Lioness (David Read), History - David Read

Namasi, the Shoe Maker (David Read), History - David Read

Samurai Warrior (Fez McLeod), History - Fez McLeod

Fly The World's Flags Third Edition, History - Michael M A Parke

The Gentile Jesus, History - John Dudley Aldworth

What Happened to Haystacks & Horses?, History - Garrick Batten

The Golden Land, History - Franki Wood

The Moonlight Legacy, History - Arch Barclay

Flying High, History - Rex Thompson

A Line of Duckboards-Meghan Hawkes, History - Meghan Hawkes

Land, Love, Tears and Laughter, History - Franki Wood

My Country Holiday Long Ago, History - Suzanne and Barabara Hanna

The Hornbill and the Mongoose, History - David Read

Rain God of the Wambulu, History - David Read

A Lifetime of Living, History - Harold Brough

Rugby in the Bays, History - Mike Parkinson

Canvas and Gold, 150th Anniversary Edition, History - Norman H Brayshaw

The Power and the Peril of Oil, History - Firooz Eftekhar Zadeh

'Avaiki Tautau, History - Keith Tonkin

Islam versus Terrorism, History - Firooz E. Zadeh

Meteor over Marlborough - The Gary Bartlett Story, History - John Alexander

Vimy Ridge, Percy's Escape, History - Fez Mcleod

The Daily Journal of an Antarctic Explorer 1956–1958, History - Guyon Warren Edited by Karen Warren

To the Ends of The Earth (Maxwell C. Hill) Second Edition, History - Maxwell C. Hill

Dead Cert, History - Meghan Hawkes

Canterbury as i saw it, History - Henry Lowen-Smith

The Sounds Soldiers' Memorial: Stories of the Fallen, History - Alastair MacKenzie

Going Into Support Tonight, History - Richard Palmer

Under His Wings, History - Murray Clarkson

In the Shadow of the Takitimus, History - Walter T. Guttery

Budapest Girl, History - Panni Palásti

The Puriri Disaster, History - Ben Gibbs

All Guts No Glory, History - Compiled by Cheryl Carnahan

To The Ends of The Earth and Back Again (Maxwell C. Hill) SECOND EDITION NOW AVALABLE, History - Maxwell C. Hill

California House, History - Carol Glen

The All Came Back, History - L. H. Cook

From Tiger Moths to Test Pilot, History - Bernie Lewis

For Cust's Sake, History - Peter Savage

Dead Cert II, History - Meghan Hawkes

Jack Brathwaite: soldier 1914-1918, History - David Brathwaite

The Art of Brian Millard (Hard Cover), History - Brian Millard

In Memoriam - Mission Ground Cemetery 1840-2010, History - Joan Leversedge

Farmer Bill, History - Garrick Batten

The Mair Astley Story, History - Alan Doyle Shadwell

Forgotten Years: Helicopters and Hunting Stories, History - Brian Conroy

Sky Full of Stars, History - Sheila Kennard

Escape from Deadman's Gully, History - Denis Shuker

Five Sons and a Hundred Muri of Rice, History - Sharyn Steel and Zoe Dryden

Voyages To The Ends Of The Earth, History - Maxwell C. Hill

Understanding New Zealand, History - Dan McGlashan

Stories of the Southern Sea, History - Lawrence Winkler

Two Voyages, One Encounter, History - David Horry

Remember The Brave, World War I, History - Forrest Chambers and Lena Chambers

Conquering Cottles, History - Rob Shannon

Collision, Compromise and Conversion during the Wesleyan Hokianga Mission, 1827–1855, History - Gary A.M. Clover

Katherine Mansfield in Picton, History - Julie Kennedy

Cheerio for the Present, History - Jim Edwards, edited by Cecilia Edwards

Past/Present, History - STEM Writers Nelson

Dad's Pacific War, History - David White

King of D’Urville Island, History - L.C. Leov & G. L. Leov

Jon Zealando a Magical Legend, History - Bernard Reid

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