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Fern of Maru Bay, Children - Lindy Kelly

Aquiliton and the Lost Princess, Children - Maureen Myers

Aquiliton, Children - Maureen Myers

The green Pond, Children - Tania Younger

The Third Star, Children - Amy Brooke

A New Zoo, Children - Lou Nightingale

Chasing the Rainbow, Children - Anthony Hodges and Naomi Moore

Growing up as a Monarch Caterpillar, Children - Janine Rowling

The Rabbits of Tussock Hill, Children - Janine Rowling

Tales in Verse - For Kiwi Kids, Children - Eileen Jones

The Pipsies (Volume 1), Children - Kay Rayner

Jeremy, Children - Mary McBarron

Daffy, Children - Eileen Jones

Brain Strain, Children - Hayden deJong & Kirsty Heyward

Toucan, Children - Eunice Berryman

Feathers and Gob; Four Seasons, Children - H.T Brouwer

The Forbidden Vaults of Aquiliton, Children - Maureen Myers

Loito and the Lioness (David Read), Children - David Read

Namasi, the Shoe Maker (David Read), Children - David Read

Sassy Episode 1 The Amazing Fire-Fighting Rescue Dog, Children - Fez McLeod

The Vegeterian Tiger, Children - Written by Kerry Clark. Illustrated by Tracey Henderson.

Pedro Stop! New Release, Children - Written by Kerry Clark Illustrated by Tracey Henderson

The Piano Movers CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE MONTH AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY, Children - Kerry Clark. Illustrated by Tracey Henderson.

Jimothy, Children - Yvonne Milroy ,and Illustrated by Kevin Helas

Ovkors Saves Christmas - revised edition., Children - Nick Draper

The Lost Property Department, Children - Maureen Myers

A Herb Book From Nature, for children to use, Children - Rixt Botello

Attack at Shark Bay, Children - Denis W. Shuker

My Country Holiday Long Ago, Children - Suzanne and Barabara Hanna

Batjack, Children - Ann Neville

How to Stop being Bullied - A Kids' Guide, Children - Ann Neville

The Stolen Patuki, Children - Graeme Dew

The Bravest Bee, Children - Pater Anderson

The Knave and the Princess, Children - Peter Anderson

The Hornbill and the Mongoose, Children - David Read

Behind the Waterfall, Children - Graeme Dew

Rosemary and her Bubble Machine, Children - Graeme Dew

Nine days to Christmas, Children - Gaye Hemsley and illustrated by Helen Bilk

Trapped on Devil's Peak, Children - Denis Shuker

The Raven, Children - Peter Stewart

Look Like Luke, Children - Written by Nadine Steele, Illustrated by Jo Burgess

Stella The Magical Pony, Children - Alice Rozga

Mountain Mystery, Children - Written by Kerry Clark and Illustrated by Tracey Henders

The Adventures of Ollie the Octopus, Children - Andy Underwood

I'm A Little Kiwi (book & CD), Children - Gaye Hemsley and illustrated by Helen Bilk

I Want to be a Dancer, Children - Gaye Hemsley and illustrated by Helen Bilk

Ivan I. Dear - A Wire Wizard, Children - Peta Poletti

Izzie's Surprise, Children - Ann Neville

R.I.P. Cyberbullying - A Guide for Parents, Children - Ann Neville

ARK, Children - Avner Nahmias

The Adventures of Honeysuckle, Children - Avner Nahmias

The Mapua Village Cookbook, Children - Mapua School PTA

The Sea and Me, Children - Bianca Begovich

Ripple and the wild horses of White Cloud Station, Children - Trudy Nicholson

Summer with horses, Children - Trudy Nicholson

Riding High at White Cloud Station, Children - Trudy Nicholson

Horse magic, Children - Trudy Nicholson

Sam the Ambulance, Children - Francine Currie

Sam and the Helicopter Paramedic, Children - Francine Currie

Sam Goes to Rugby, Children - Francine Currie

Sam goes to the Country, Children - Francine Currie

The Caballero, Children - Peter Stewart

'Avaiki Tautau, Children - Keith Tonkin

Villains, Visitors and Victory - Book One in the Bush Capers series, Children - Tony Seatter

Hi Diddle Diddle, the Cat did a Piddle, Children - Gaye Hemsley illustrated by Trish Coates

Carter and Friends, Children - Carolyn Hedom

Ponies of Pencarreg, Children - Cathleen Welsh

The Sky Fairy, Children - Gaye Hemsley and illustrated by Helen Bilk

The Butterfly, Children - Gaye Hemsley and illustrated by Helen Bilk

The Giant and The Fairy, Children - Gaye Hemsley and illustrated by Helen Bilk

Perfect Fit For Pedro, Children - Written by Kerry Clark and Illustrated by Nicky Edmond

Brave Little Jack, Children - Fez McLeod

My Favourite Kisses, Children - Crystal Olds with illustrations by John Helle-Nielsen

Sassy Episode 2 The Amazing Fire-Fighting Rescue Dog, Children - Fez McLeod

The Boy with the Gold in Hair, Children - Graeme Dew

The Trees and Me, Children - Bianca Begovich

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part One: DJar, Children - Nōnen Títi

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Two: SJilai, Children - Nōnen Títi

The Raspberry Jam Gang, Children - Peter Stewart

A Bear's Journey, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, Children - Sally Louise Hill

Who's in Billy's Garden?, Children - Jacqui Currin-McDowell

Riding the Wai, Children - Rina Pinker

A Titi Tale, Children - Rina Pinker

Be Careful What You Eat!, Children - Margaret Scaife

Flying Free, Children - Adrienne M Frater

Be Careful What You Eat! LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Children - Margaret Scaife

Fish and Chips The Goldfish, Children - Margaret Scaife

Fish and Chips The Goldfish LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Children - Margaret Scaife

Little Bear Tries, Children - Nathan Miller

The Little Raindrop, Children - Carolyn Hedom

Children of Dove Farm, Children - Cath Welsh

Jess and the Card Puppy, Children - Morgaine Wakelin

Hieroglyph, Children - W J Scott

Fairy Dust, Children - WJ Scott

Fun at the Farm, Children - Rita Dymock

The Bugs and Me, Children - Bianca Begovich

Sam, The Hat, and The Dragon, Children - Written - Daniel Marshall. Illustrated - Janet Marshall

Wiremu and the Cat Gang, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Frankie and the Flypaper, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Rabbit's Big Idea, Children - Elise De Silva

Splendid Fellow Pumpkin, Children - Joanne Bromley

Grandad and the Three Greedy Goats, Children - Clayson & Mike Howell

The Three Greedy Pigs and the Big Friendly Pig Dog, Children - Clayson & Mike Howell

Dinky Goes Red, Children - Matt McDowell

Custard and Carriages, Children - Jessica McGarvey

The Hungry Little Praying Mantiss, Children - Carol Marshall

Claire and the Weka, Children - Robbie James

Wahoo Wahoo Come to the Zoo, Children - Lynia Antram

Nga Tae - Colours, Children - Natalie Cochrane

Nga Ahua - Shapes, Children - Natalie Cochrane

Kate and Caboodle, Children - Jerri J. Pirc with illustrations by Jane Smith

All By Myself, Children - Jessica McGarvey

Sal Gets Stuck, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Sheldon's Fishing Fiasco, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Manu's Mishap, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

You're OK Kingi, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Pipi Gets Pawed, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Tilly's Tumble, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Grandad's Secret, Children - Peter Coburn

Grandad's Garden, Children - Peter Coburn

Professor Vunderverk's Space Adventure, Children - Justin Eade

I am Loved, Children - Carol Marshall

Colin Leslie's Boots, Children - Zoe 'Mumma Tom' Thompson

Old Rooster and Little Rooster, Children - Jan Trafford

Rusty The Dusky Dolphin, Children - Rosa Friend

Who's in Billy's Garden 2, Children - Jacqui Currin-McDowell

The Falcon, Children - Peter Stewart

The Little White Donkey, Children - Franki Wood

The Little Elephant, Children - Franki Wood

Lucy and the Merman, Children - Franki Wood

The Big Totara, Children - Franki Wood

Inspired by the Epistles, Children - Elise De Silva

Paddy the Wanderer and Champagne Charlie, Children - Frankie Wood and Alex Funke

Numbers Speak, Children - M & P Stratton

Pukeko, Children - Marie Langley

Hemi and the Poisoned Possum, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

Daphne's Dreadful Day, Children - ARRC Wildlife Trust

A Cabbage in a Spiderweb, Children - Jonathon Harrison

When My Nanny Comes to Stay, Children - Michele Gordon & Fran Connell

When We Visit Pop, Children - Michele Gordon & Fran Connell

Adventures in Natural Learning Handbook, Children - Debbie Ball

The Tale of Two Tough Toms, Children - Mike Howell

Amber and the Pukekos, Children - Rona Cooper

Doggy Do's and Don'ts, Children - John Phillips

Queen Jewel's Castle, Children - Zoe 'Mumma Tom' Thompson

Here Comes the Wonderkid of Cricket!, Children - Haven Macleod-East

Adventures in Pencarreg, Children - Cath Welsh

Gavin James's Haircut, Children - Zoe 'Mumma Tom' Thompson

Messy, Children - Annetta Coyle

Back to Bed, Children - Annetta Coyle

Bowki and Bubba, Children - Rina Pinker and Peter Meihana

The Weka Who Wanted to Sing, Children - Peter Coburn

The Adventures of Bird Island Book One: Mrs Canary and her Three Chicks, Children - Gerardina the Story Teller

The Adventures of Bird Island Book Two: Stranger Danger, Children - Gerardina the Story Teller

The Adventures of Bird Island Book Three: The Talent Quest, Children - Gerardina the Story Teller

Living with the Lions, Children - Shelley Nonanda Harris

Escape from Deadman's Gully, Children - Denis Shuker

Rescue on Mount Hopeless, Children - Denis Shuker

Life of the Tigs, Children - Christina Reid

Pony Colouring Book 1, Children - Cah Welsh

Pony Colouring Book 2, Children - Cath Welsh

Pukeko The Performer, Children - Marie Langley

Uncle Tappit, Children - Marion Day

The Chestnut Mare, Children - Marion Day

Fish and Chips and Other Stories, Children - Peter Stewart

Wisdom 101: Growing Great Skills for Living, Children - Anna Allen & David Riddell

Angus Mc Paw's MONSTROUS Adventure, Children - Deborah Brookes

Tangaroa's Fingernails, Children - Mike Howell

A Handful of Eggs, Children - Belinda Mellor

Pukeko The Explorer, Children - Marie Langley

Tui Does it Tough, Children - Paul Prosée

Tarawera and the Taniwha, Children - Graeme Dew

SnowBright and the Frozen Waste, Children - Geraldine Brophy

Huka-Piata me ngā Para Pātiotio, Children - Geraldine Brophy

The Bugsville Hotel, Children - Meg Randall

Daisy Haphazard, Children - Meg Randall

Watch the Ball, Children - Julie Rowling

Blue Cloud, Children - Marion Day

Little Dragon Learns How to Breathe Fire, Children - Chia Rubio

Down at the Rocky Shore, Children - Ron Prestage

Moth, Children - Holly Dunn

Sam & the Reading Dog, Children - Richard Ward

Invisible Elephants, Children - Shelley Nonanda Harris

The Kaka of Rakiura, Children - Peter Coburn

Arabella and the Bubble, Children - Carol Don Ercolano

Euphemia A Fairy's Tale, Children - Deborah Brookes

Taniwhasaurus, Children - Clayson & Mike Howell

The Rascally Hedgehog, Children - Katherine Ballantyne

The Wizard's Key, Children - Yvonne Dion

Kay Beverley's Problem, Children - Zoe 'Mumma Tom' Thompson

Billy's Digger, Children - Justine Summers

The Boys of the Houhora Harbour, Children - Amy Culley & Caleb Culley

Tails, Children - WJ Scott

Never Ending Summer - The Flight of the Godwit, Children -

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